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Space microorganisms for Health care and pharmaceuticals

There is significant potential for using space microorganisms to develop medicines and healthcare products with real benefits for the health and wellbeing of people around the world.

Developing and producing medicines and healthcare products is costly. We're taking advantage of spaceflight technology and the impacts of space on microorganisms and cells to develop medicines with higher yield and better performance.

Along with the US, China is leading the in developing more efficient medicines from space microorganisms.

In our labs, selected strains within the culture brought back from space have produced primary metabolites and secondary metabolites.

These metabolites can be used to increase the effectiveness of naturally occurring substances such as amino acids and vitamins and accelerate the rate at which they work to regulate body function, strengthen immunity, maintain physical fitness and enhance vitality.

They are not foreign to the body, and – as with any supplement or substance – are not harmful when used in the appropriate way.


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+61 (08)8360 8330

+61 (08)8360 8330