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Mutating microorganisms in space

Fullarton Space Biotech is among a small number of entrepreneurial research companies looking to outer space as the trigger for next-generation innovations in healthcare, food and wine production and other sectors.

Breeding microorganisms in space is a new and complex process that combines knowledge of factors including the conditions in space and how to use them, physical and chemical mutagenesis, and molecular attributes and properties.

The breeding process capitalises on the environmental factors found in space but not on earth, such as microgravity, intense radiation, low-intensity magnetic field and enormous differences in temperatures.

In space, the radiation of energetic particles such as X-rays, γ-rays and neutrons, combined with microgravity, accelerate changes to the microorganism samples and enrich the variation type.

We're discovering how to capitalise on these factors to enhance the efficiency and quality of microorganism development.


The process focuses on several aspects:

— the influence of the space environment on a strain's genome, transcriptome and proteome

— the effect of the environment on the survival rate of strains and the micromorphology of bacterial colony

— how the space environment affects the yield, bioactivity and fermentation period of the target metabolite

— the genetic stability of beneficial variant strains

— the establishment of a high-throughput screening platform

— the best extraction and production technique for the target product.

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+61 (08)8360 8330

+61 (08)8360 8330